Delve into the wonders of the unique Algarve

Delve into the wonders of the unique Algarve

When it comes to talking about a place with such a diverse beauty as the Algarve, five main things need to be considered: the food, the climate, the cost of living, the safety, and of course, the ocean (and sailing)!


Have you imagined living in a place where the sun shines more than 300 days per year, with the possibility of eating a Mediterranean diet based on local products and fresh ingredients, some of them being fish and seafood freshly caught in the sea? What if I told you Portugal is considered the 3rd safest country in the World by the Global Peace Index report of 2017 and that its people are kind and willing to help? Yes, welcome to the Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal.


Algarve used to be this sun-and-beach destination but soon got famous for a variety of things that makes it attractive for different reasons, from breathtaking sunsets in the known end-of-the-world Sagres to the trekking routes on the high cliffs alongside the sea, wildlife observation, and water sports, different kinds of local markets, fairs and artisanal exhibitions, theatre performances, and music festivals. Wind modalities, such as sailing, are the most appreciated sports within the local community, but also by visitors and ex-pats who want to learn how to play with the wind and sail away or just have fun speeding up on a powerboat (see more here).


If you land in Faro, make sure you get to know the area surrounding it, since it is the capital of the Algarve region and has some very interesting historical attractions, while also being famous for its large number of beaches, being around 20.

Consider Lagos to spend most of your days, since the ancient maritime town is the place where you can combine nature, sports, local food and nightlife altogether. Ideally, pick an early morning and depart from the Lagos Marina on a small boat that will take you to discover the caves. It is one of the top activities in the Algarve, and you can’t miss it. From Lagos until Ponta da Piedade (Mercy Point), you can enter these astonishing caves jagged on the sea, each one with a different representation and interesting fact behind it. Choose a private charter to sail away along the coast and plan to anchor the boat in Ferragudo so that you can enjoy a nice meal in this old fishing village with so much to discover. On your way back, stop by the Marina and get a fresh cocktail while watching the sunset, bringing the twilight colours to the incredible frame where the city lies behind the boats, and program not only your dinner in one of the local fish restaurant around (A lota, Barrigada) but also your next day, when you don’t want to miss a sailing experience with the whole package included: learning, fun, sunbaths and food onboard, provided by a team of professionals who will most likely turn your day into a memorable postcard of your holidays in Algarve.