Boat tours along the coast as one of the top activities in Lagos

Boat tours along the coast as one of the top activities in Lagos

If you are in the Algarve or are planning to come, then you know the region is mostly sought for the wonders of the Atlantic Ocean, giving shape to numerous beaches, some of them ranked together with the most stunning beaches ever. In 2013, Dona Ana was considered the «most beautiful beach in the World», from a list of fifty other beaches pointed out by the Spanish magazine Condé Nast Traveller.


Dona Ana, as well as Camilo, Pinhão and Ponta da Piedade, perfectly outlined along the gold coast, are not only sought for relaxed days on the beach but especially as must-see places during the ultimate boat tour in Lagos.


By picking a grotto tour, a kayak adventure, or a day sailing on board a private yacht, the ways to be part of this unique beauty represented by the rock formations on the coastline are numerous. And we bet if you are coming to Lagos, you won’t want to miss that which is most likely the top activity in Lagos. Book your boat tour in Lagos with our amazing team of professionals located on the centermost part of the Marina and guarantee your seat in the boat that suits you better. Don’t forget your camera to take incredible pictures of your ultimate experience in sunny Lagos.


Like any other thing in the world that consists of making a business out of the beauty of Nature, there is a difference between being part of a conscious tour, led by conscious people, and not.


When choosing a boat trip with us:

–          Visitors will only be taken out on the sea when conditions allow;

–          The skipper is legally licensed and acknowledged of weather conditions and safety procedures;

–          No trash or any other objects are thrown into the sea;

–          Speed limits, safety measures and priority rules are respected above all;

–          The skipper has the local knowledge of the caves and beaches along the coast;

–          Visitors will be having the most fun and unforgettable boat tour experience in Lagos;

–          Family holidays in Lagos will always be remembered as a frame of the trip along the coastline.


Maybe by now, you are still thinking what makes these boat tours along the coast so special? Well, Discover Tours can tell you everything about the famous visits to the caves in a small boat from Lagos until Ponta da Piedade or the kayak adventure caves tour. Southwest charters will make you understand the majesty of a sailing experience, where you can enjoy the intimacy of the family getaway onboard, while exploring a variety of wonders such as the shape of the rocks, each of them representing a different figure, the lighthouse located on the “Mercy” point, the observation of dolphins in their natural habitat and more.

Your first step will be to book your tour; then, step number two, make sure you check-in fifteen minutes before the departure on the expected door; finally, meet your skipper and get ready to embark on the experience that will turn into your everlasting Algarve postcard.