Learning to sail while having fun in the western Algarve

Learning to sail while having fun in the western Algarve

If you are yearning for some relaxing days combined with sailing adventures, make sure you choose a team that can provide you with three main things: professionalism, fun and the local knowledge of the coast and weather conditions for sailing.


To be a sailor and to get to acknowledge the techniques of a sailing boat, with all the fun and freedom involved, can seem to be a dream. Make your dream come true by choosing this sought-after number one destination for wind modalities and bring your family and friends for the ultimate sailing holidays in the southern region of Portugal.


Imagine being merged into an atmosphere of ocean-lovers, with the knowledge of the best tips for you to learn how to sail away and a wide knowledge of the best spots around? If this is what you are looking for, then don’t look any further because the local team will provide you with the most unforgettable holidays ever.


Operating in the market for more than fifteen years, Southwest Charters provides you not only with the relaxing opportunity for being aboard and experiencing sailing along the coast, but it also gives you the chance to initiate a sailing course suitable for different levels of experience, ages and aspirations.


If you are the kind of adventurous person who likes to combine fun with new experiences in your well-desired family holidays in the Algarve, then sailing is what you should consider. Southwest Charters, operating from the Lagos Marina, will answer your demands and fulfil your wishes in the best way.


The predominance of the north wind creates the ideal conditions to embark on an experience of authentic sailing. The stunning beaches that are well known for their rock formations give shape to a set of grottos along the coast that many tourists come to explore, for its natural beauty. Being aboard gives you the chance to observe this geological phenomenon, that dates back to the Portuguese discoveries, especially because you can anchor the boat and enjoy a nice meal with a panoramic view.


There is no better way to learn how to sail than by having the chance to be taught by real sail lovers who have a sense of tuition, cooperation and commitment. Southwest Charters offer a wide range of practical and shore-based courses for those who want to improve their skills in sailing or simply just learn while having fun.


If you want to come across five incredible facts that make these sailing holidays in the Algarve so special, then keep in mind: Lagos bay is recognized as one of the best water plans for sailing; sailing is the best combination of nature’s power and human skills; the weather conditions in the western Algarve are ideal for sailing while taking sunbaths and swimming; people are friendly, willing to help and committed to the practice; and last but not least, the food is truly amazing, especially when you can enjoy fish freshly caught.