Make your holidays in Algarve the ultimate yacht sailing experience

Make your holidays in Algarve the ultimate yacht sailing experience

The reasons why you should consider a boat charter are numerous, but I will just enhance the principal ones. Firstly, you are in the middle of the Ocean, embraced by nature; secondly, you are allowing yourself to be bitten by the ‘sailing bug’, which is definitely one of the most interesting sports in the World. And thirdly, you are spending your holidays in the most propitious way. Finding your family getaway on board of one of our sailing charters will be the ideal plan you were aiming for.

Choosing the charter that will better meet your needs and preferences can be advised by the team, but first take a decision: is it a sail boat charter you fancy, where you watch the sails being hoisted with the magic sound of the wind behind, or is it the fun and speed of a power boat you look for? After that you need to consider the length of the boat whose options go from 9 to 15 meters, this last one being suitable for a party of 10, and also the need of a skipper on board because when guests have a valid license, then a bareboat is an option.

Few factors need to be weighed up but don’t forget to keep the ultimate-family-holidays-in-Algarve spirit. And why is that? Because Algarve is the combination of idyllic beaches, ideal weather conditions, mouth-watering food and skilled practitioners and professionals ready to provide you with the most wonderful service. All in one. Algarve is divided into two main areas – Barlavento is the area “from where the wind blows” and Sotavento, the opposite, “to where the wind blows”. And here is the reason why there are different types of climates in the Algarve that can suit different holiday-styles. Some people hanker after relaxed days laying down on the beachfront and the wind is not so welcome in these cases. But the wind-sports lovers tend to like activity and fun on the relaxed family holidays and that’s why the Barlavento side of the Algarve is so sought when tourists want to be part of a yacht sailing experience.

Lagos, the southernmost city of the Algarve, with a great maritime historical weight, mainly due to the Portuguese maritime discoveries, has the only one Marina in the country that has been honored with the respected Euromarine Anchor Award, being of great access and providing with top quality facilities. That is the meeting point for most boat charters and other sea-based activities, and both the power boat charters and the sailing yachts lie on the central part of the Marina.

So, if the willingness to experience a unique family holiday opportunity in the Algarve is there, then a yacht sailing experience is the most well-rounded idea. Favorable waters and wind conditions, bright sun almost all year round, a very competent, fun and acknowledged crew are exactly what you need to put on the balance to weigh up your decision. Make your ordinary family holidays into the ultimate yacht sailing experience in the sunny Algarve.