RYA Courses

RYA Courses

Learn to sail with the Southwest Training Center. If living aboard a boat, sailing along the coast a little further away is something that appeals to you, why not join one of our sailing courses? Sailing vessels have cabins and kitchen facilities, offering a certain degree of comfort on board, so how far your adventure goes is up to you. Whether you are a beginner wanting to be part of the crew, or a more experienced skipper wanting to improve your skills, there is always a course for you.

Pratical RYA

The training scheme comprises a series of practical courses mentioned here, complemented by theoretical navigation courses and other specialized short courses. Whether it’s simply to increase your knowledge and confidence, or to prepare for the RYA / MCA competency certificate exams, join us. RYA / MCA certificates of competence are recognized by various maritime authorities around the world.

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RYA Theory

Special Courses