Competent Crew

Competent Crew

Become an active member of the crew.


  • Experiência antes do curso: Nenhuma
  • Conhecimentos prévios: Nenhum
  • Duração mínima: 5 dias
  • Idade mínima: Nenhuma

Capacidades após o curso: Capaz de dirigir, manejar velas, vigiar, remar num bote e auxiliar em todas as rotinas do dia-a-dia.


This course is for beginners and for those who wish to become active crew members and not just passengers. It is essentially a practical course where the students are the crew so without them the sails will not be raised and the boat will not be maneuvered. As you learn, you will visit some interesting places, which may be a reason for you to take this course on your next vacation and spend some pleasant moments with family or friends. At the end of the course you will be able to “take” the boat, adjust the sails, keep watch, row a boat and assist with all day-to-day tasks on board.

Course content Knowledge of the terms of the sea and parts of a boat, its rigging and sails, handling sails, cables, precautions and fire fighting, personal safety equipment, man overboard, emergency equipment , meteorology, seasickness, helmsman, general duties, manners and customs, RIEAM rules, boats.

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