Day Skipper

Day Skipper

For aspiring skippers with some experience in sailing vessels.


  • Pre-course experience:5 days, 100 miles, 4 hours overnight aboard a sailboat.
  • Background: Theory of Navigation equivalent to Theoretical Day Skipper.
  • Minimum duration: 5 days
  • Minimum age: 16 years old

Capabilities after the course:
Able to command a sailing boat on short day trips, ability to steer the boat and control speed.


This course is designed for aspiring skippers and already with some experience in sailing vessels and basic sailing skills.
Learn how to command a short trip with the instructor at your disposal to advise, encourage and ensure both your safety and that of the occupants and vessel.

You will gain knowledge of how to take charge, receive credit when everything goes well and instructional support when your decision is not the best, we will be there to help you correct and improve your decisions at the right time.

If you need help with navigation, we advise you to take the theoretical part of this course, (Theoretical Day Skipper).

Course content
Sea preparation, deck work, navigation, piloting, weather, RIEAM rules, maintenance and repair work, engines, fueling, emergency situations, maneuver sailing, trip planning, night cruise.

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