Southwest Charters Club

Southwest Charters Club

A vessel at your disposal… at a fraction of the purchase cost!


SWC wants to offer its customers, regular and new, a distinct way to enjoy the sea in the Algarve. Whether you are an experienced sailor tired of the burdens of owning a boat, or a beginner in the nautical world who wants to visit the Algarve coast in fast and fun vessels, SWClub is the right solution for all tastes.

If you don’t have experience, there’s no problem, because in two days we can train you through the course recognized by RYA, which allows you to maneuver these incredible motorboats with the utmost confidence. and dexterity. If you choose a sailboat, the training will be a little longer, but it is possible in two weeks. SWClub allows everyone to enter the nautical world through an annual fee that is converted into points. Points will be exchanged for days of use on our luxury sailboats or semi-rigids so that you can enjoy more days on the water. The fee is paid initially and we guarantee that in addition to this fee there is no additional payment or unpleasant surprises. The vessels are professionally maintained by SWC staff, so you only have to worry about choosing the itinerary. SWC’s main objective is to maximize your time on the water, avoiding the worries of owning a boat such as: marina expenses, maintenance, insurance, licenses, taxes… It seems impossible but it is not! Leave all the work to us!

01   What do you get with SWCLUB?

Most recreational boats are used by their owners an average of 3 to 4 weeks per year. This means that vessel owners find themselves grappling with rather large annual bills.

By joining one of our member packages, you have the opportunity to enjoy a boat for as long as you want (and need), with very low fixed costs.

Starting from €2700, each member has pointed at their disposal. These points are exchanged for days of use on our semi-rigid or sailboats.

02   What are the options for joining SWCLUB?

SWClub offers the following options/packages: Gold & Platinum

  • Platinum Subscription – 1800 Points = €4,350*
  • Gold Subscription – 900 Points = €2,700*

*All prices include VAT

Booking is very simple. To make your reservation, just contact us the day before, by email or by phone.

03   What times?

  • High Season – July & August
  • Low Season – Every other month.

If you don’t use all the points, there’s no problem as you can always use the remaining points the following year.

04   SWCLUB Membership vs. Boat Acquisition

In the downloadable brochure, we can demonstrate how much you save on joining SWClub for three years, compared to purchasing the same boat (Capelli Tempest 626) and selling it at the end of three years.

  • Total cost over three years of acquiring the boat, and all associated costs, and then selling it 62.5% of the purchase price = €30,000 Euros.
  • Total cost of being a member of SWClub for 3 years with VAT included is €13,050*, which represents a saving of 65.25%.
    *The price above is calculated based on a subscription to the SWClub Platinum package.< /li>

05   What other costs are associated?

In addition to the low cost of renting the boats, each member must deliver a security deposit of €1,500, which will be returned to the member at the end of the contract. This amount will be the maximum amount charged to a member in the event of an accident.
The fuel costs are at the member’s expense.

To enhance your day-to-day experience with SWClub, we can provide extra equipment and services, also deductible from your package points. This extra equipment and services will be made available upon booking.

06   Can I share costs?

The SWClub program is structured to allow the total cost to be shared by several interested parties, and charter days can be shared as well.

07   May I pass the usage rights?

If you want to spend the days with an acquaintance, he or she should always come with you or be well referenced. The responsible person must comply with the legal requirements for supervising the recreational boat.

08   When can I use the boat?

The boat will be available throughout the year, however, due to the low prices charged, during the month of August the use of the boat is limited:

  • Gold – 3 days
  • Platinum 7 days

To book the days of use, you must contact SWCharters (by email or phone) at least two days in advance. After regularizing your membership, SWClub grants you access to the boat’s calendar, where you can consult its available days.

09   Benefits – Why SWCLUB?

  • Fixed costs, no surprises
  • No devaluation and no need for large capital investment, normally associated with vessel purchases
  • Marina, insurance and maintenance expenses provided by SWClub
  • Best price / quality ratio
  • Professional serviced boats with turnkey service
  • Excellent location in Southwest Algarve • Marina de Lagos
  • Professional and personalized service
  • RYA training available if needed
  • Several SWClub subscription packages available
  • Restocking service available
  • Various extras available such as skis, wakeboards and towing buoys

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